EMPI, Inc.

50 years of Volkswagen heritage


There has never been a Volkswagen specialist as famous as EMPI. The world over, everyone who owns a Beetle knows the name. The EMPI story started in 1954 and continues to power the greatest air-cooled Volkswagens around the globe.







The EMPI story started in 1954 when Joe Vittone opened a Volkswagen dealership called Economotors based in Riverside, CA. It was one of the first VW dealerships in California and soon became one of the most successful, selling the full range of Volkswagen cars and spare parts. 

However, Vittone soon realized that the availability of Volkswagen-approved repair parts was very limited. 

What Joe figured out was that many parts could be repaired rather than being thrown away. This new approach to replacement parts grew to be very profitable for Economotors until reaching such a level of activity that Vittone decided to establish a new company to sell them. The name he chose was European Motor Parts Inc (EMPI). 

EMPI soon established an enviable reputation for selling high-quality performance parts for the Volkswagen range. 

Today, as a leading brand under the Euro Motorparts Group, EMPI continues to flourish and expand its portfolio. Through recent new acquisitions, the group is reaching into Volkswagen and Audi performance upgrades for the very newest and highest performance models.

But one thing has not changed: Joe's original vision of creating innovative, high quality performance parts at great value for his passionate enthusiast customers still runs strong through EMPI's DNA.




45 years of Volkswagen heritage

Since 1968, Bugpack has continued to create and develop innovative technical products for air-cooled VW.



Top of the line VW engineering

35 years of dedication to producing high quality, record-breaking products for the VW air-cooled performance market.


JP Group

A Partner Company

A new mutual partnership between JP Group of Denmark and Euro Motorparts Group provides development, logistics, import, quality, marketing & sales of automotive spare parts for European cars.